The Product

Here at BeFries, we follow the traditional method of cooking Belgian Fries. We use a special variety of chipping potato called Agria. We peel the potatoes on site, hand-cut them, before frying at two differing temperatures to create the signature crisp exterior and soft, fluffy, centre. 

We have a range of over 24 different sauces. Half are imported from Belgium and Holland, such as Sate sauce, Hannibal, Joppiesaus, and of course Dutch and Belgian mayonnaise. The other half are made in-house, such as our Garlic Mayonnaise, Dill + Gherkin Mayo, Black Truffle Mayo, and award winning Vegan Basil Mayonnaise. With such a wide array of sauces, we make it our mission to help you find your perfect sauce to accompany your portion of BeFries.

We also sell a range of Dutch and Belgian soft drinks, as well as Belgian and locally brewed craft beers.

Download a copy of our latest sauce and drinks menu here 

The Experience

We aim to give every customer an experience they will never forget by giving unparalleled attention to the finest details, in all aspects of our cooking and customer service.

Our team are always happy to help, by answering any questions you might have about the shop, helping you find your perfect sauce, or sharing with you the process of how we make BeFries. 

From our hand-picked playlist of eclectic music spanning many genres to our warm lighting, BeFries is the ideal lunch or evening snack spot. With our magnetic letter board and potato-head collection, we aim to keep all ages entertained at BeFries by letting you BeCreative.

Our Events

We host a variety of different events at BeFries, the two most regular being our monthly Dutch and Belgian Snack Night, where we serve traditional meat and vegetarian snacks. The second is our Vegan Night, where we create new and interesting vegan dishes, including our fish and chips. 

Collaborations with other food businesses to create one-off menus called ‘Best of Both’ events happen regularly too.

Our space is also available for private hire, we work closely with the client to create a menu of fries, snacks and drinks to suit - please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Here’s a few links to some photos of previous Snack Night, Vegan Night, and Best of Both events!

Previous Collaborations

February 2018: Little Blue Smokehouse
March 2018: Blue Caribou Canteen
April 2018: 2Fingers
May 2018: Croque Shop
June 2018: Humble Plates
October 2018: Blue Caribou Canteen
February 2019: The Chilli Pickle

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