The History of BeFries

Inspired by their childhoods spent in Amsterdam eating delicious Belgian fries, siblings Dashal, Chan and Ezda opened BeFries - Brighton in 2016. 

Dashal’s background in business, Chan’s background as a chef in some of London's top restaurants, and Ezda’s twenty-five years experience in customer service have combined to create BeFries.

As a close family, we extend our warm welcome to every customer who shares our passion for good food. Our wonderful staff share our enthusiasm, many of our team being regular customers before becoming members of our BeFries family. We strive to reach the highest standards, in our fries, sauces, and customer service; and deliver all three with passion and care.  

With love from the Befries family. 

The History of Belgian Fries

According to the history books, the Belgians were the first nation to fry potatoes. Back in the late 1600s, their rivers and lakes froze over, which led them to carve potatoes into fish shapes and fry them as they would have the fish. This unknowingly paved the way for the creation of the Belgian fry, making one of their most famous national dishes!

During the First World War, American soldiers stationed in Belgium, were given fries by the Belgian army. As the Belgian army spoke French, the American soliders went home and spread the word about the amazing “French fries” they had tried, creating the popular myth that fries are “French”.

Traditionally, Belgian fries are topped with mayonnaise. Over time, this has evolved into a wide range of flavoured mayonnaises. All Belgian friteries offer a minimum of 15 sauces to top their fries.

Our Awards

Observer Food Monthly Awards

In 2018 BeFries was a runner up in the Observer Food Monthly Awards for Best Cheap Eats, reaching a national audience.

Great Taste Awards

Two stars in the Great Taste Awards for our house made Vegan Basil Mayo.

Bravo Awards

In 2017 we were super proud to be publicly voted to win Bites on a Budget in the Bravo Awards. We were awarded Best Welcome in 2018.

B&H Food and Drink Awards

In 2017 BeFries achieved Best Newcomer in the Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Awards.

TripAdvisor Excellence

#1 on TripAdvisor within one year of opening and have stayed in the top five places to eat in Brighton and Hove ever since.

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